PPWC Local 2 Pension Plan Information

Pension Plan Summary

Pulp and Paper Pension Plan Login

1. Go to http://pulpandpaperpension.hroffice.com/

2. Your initial login will need an eleven digit unique identifier and your password. Your unique identifier is made up of the following:

* The first three letters of your last name – in capital letters
* Your first initial – in capital letters
* Your year and month of birth in YYMM format
* The last three digits of your Social Insurance Number (SIN)

3. The first time you login, your password will be your birthdate in YYYYMMDD format, followed by the last three digits of your SIN. Example = 19600317789

4. After entering this information, the site will ask you to change your password and select three challenge questions.

For information, contact Steve Landygo

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