The purpose of this statement is to bring to light the continued issues that have plagued the membership of this Mill. And to inform the public that PPWC Local 2 has reached a stalemate with the current Management (HR) regarding a path forward. Our union has worked hard to find compromises to improve conditions at the mill. Members recently had a payday where half of the payroll period was missed. The payroll program has left members shorthanded on a regular basis for the last 18 months.

It is unusual for a union to be so public about these issues. However, this situation has expanded beyond what an employee should expect in a normal workplace. Outstanding concerns at the Mill include safety, payroll, lack of manning, and replacing the workforce with contractors. We are informing our members to please continue to show up to work and do their job to the best of their ability. The grievance process continues to be broken at the mill as most grievances are denied. The payroll system is still broken leaving members short handed after payday. Safety continues to be an ongoing concern throughout the Mill. Lack of manning puts additional stress on members, having vacation denied, working excessive hours, and exacerbating safety concerns.

PPWC Local 2 takes these issues seriously and will be taking the necessary steps to try to resolve them. We feel like these concerns are negatively affecting our basic quality of life. Please stand with us as we try to continue to work through these issues in the hope of achieving reasonable working conditions for the membership.

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