PPWC Local 2, representing over 400 workers in Crofton, British Columbia, is currently in bargaining, and its main employer is trying to erode the rights and working conditions achieved by Local 2 members going back decades.

Members recently voted an overwhelming 99.71% in favour of a strike mandate, in which 87% of the membership voted.

Letters of support and solidarity are pouring in from PPWC locals, as well as affiliates of the Confederation of Canadian Unions (CCU), of which Local 2 is a proud member. Read the letters below.

And if you’d like to express your support for PPWC Local 2, email it to [email protected] and we’ll add it to this page.

From Unions

Letter from AESES (Association of Employees Supporting Education Services)

Letter from CMAW (Construction, Maintenance and Allied Workers of Canada)

Letter from PPWC (Public and Private Workers of Canada) Local 26

From Canadian Workers

“The management of Paper Excellence is fully aware of the sacrifices the workers at the former Catalyst mills have made, particularly Croften but also all the mills to keep Catalyst viable and operational. Now it is past time for Paper Excellence to show the same kind of dedication and respect that the workers so obviously showed over the past number of years. Do the right thing and bargain a Fair and Equitable contract!”

Arnold Bercov, Past PPWC Local 8 President, Past PPWC National President

“I am PPWC Local 8’s plant co chair for Howe Sound Pulp and Paper in Port Mellon. I was heavily involved with our recent certification of British Columbia’s first supervisors union in the industry. As you most likely know we are also owned by Paper Excellence. I am also a musician and performed at PPWC’s National Convention earlier this year. I am in Solidarity with all that PPWC stands for on all platforms. Workers Rights, Democracy, Independence, Justice, Equality, Respect and Sustainability. Here are a couple of links were I support PPWC Local 2’s fight and cause. Use as you wish and please do not hesitate to reach out if you feel I can help. Thank you for your time.”

In Solidarity,
Jimmy Gregor

Link to PPWC Local 2 support page
Jimmy Gregor PPWC Convention Concert

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