The Fall 2020 edition of the newly designed CCU Connections, the news magazine of the Confederation of Canadian Unions, is now online. Special thanks to everyone on the editorial board, including Michael Belanger, Dawn Burns, Breanne Whitwell, Ron Richardson, and the writers who provided articles. And please share the link below with your affiliates, locals and fellow CCU members throughout Canada, and on social media as well.

Download Here

In this edition:

  • Katrina Miller – Paying for the Recovery we Want
  • Sean Cain – BC NDP’s Bill 8
  • Michael Belanger – Nationalize This: Ending the Nightmare of Private, For-Profit Home Care
  • CCU Statement on Anti-Racism and Support of Indigenous Lives Matter
  • Kelly Johnson – Thank God It’s Thursday: Moving Canada to a Four Day Workweek
  • Jim Streb – Democracy is a Fragile Beast
  • CCU Connections Feature: Retirement and the Golden Years
  • Alex Hagen – A Public Departure from Politics
  • Ron Richardson – Green Jobs and Energy in Northern BC
  • Dawn Burns – A Call to Action
  • Affiliate Reports
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