Health & Welfare Committee

Don Pearson, [email protected]
Pager: 499

Allison Pirie, [email protected]

Construction Committee

Gary Ramwell, [email protected]

Mike Hearsey, [email protected]

Ryan Bourelle, [email protected]
Pager 113

Dylan Alldred, [email protected]

Apprenticeship Committee

Andrew Morris (Chair), [email protected]

Kyle Chyplyk, [email protected]

Nathan Smith, [email protected]

Two’s News Editor

Duane Gale, [email protected]

PPWC Convention Delegates

Geoff Dawe, [email protected]

Don Pearson, [email protected]

Allison Pirie, [email protected]

Jeremy Johnson, [email protected]

Keith Malvena (alternate), [email protected]

Wage Delegates

Steve Landygo (Chair), [email protected]

Maxx Murai, [email protected], Pager 692

Lynn Lindeman, [email protected]

Mat Waldron, [email protected]

Mike Hearsey, [email protected]

Wage Delegate Alternate – Vacant

Young Workers Liaison

Zac Smith, [email protected]

Brenner Davis, [email protected]

Environmental and Forestry Committee

Don Cannon, [email protected]

Gina Fairbairn, [email protected]

Kyle McPherson, [email protected]

Job Evaluation Committee

James Oud, [email protected]

Derek Larsen, [email protected]

Terry Gauthier, [email protected]

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