Safety Committee

Allen Kueber, 2nd Vice-President (chair)

Health & Welfare Committee

Dale Williams, 2 Year Health & Welfare/Trustee (chair)
Don Pearson
Allison Pirie

Construction Committee

Ryan Bourelle
Daryl Pugh
Carlo Aquino
Chris Welte

Environmental & Forestry Committee

Daryl Pugh

Apprenticeship Committee

Mike Hearsey
Troy Bellbeck
Nathan Smith

Job Evaluation Committee

Meghan Irwin, Job Evaluation Advisor
Jon Beam
Mat Waldron
Tracy Mehmal

PPWC Convention Delegates

James Buchan
Chris Wipplinger
Maxx Murai
Al Kueber
Dale Williams (alternate)

Wage Delegates

Meghan Bailey, Wage Delegate Chair
Chris Wipplinger
Maxx Murai
Steve Landygo
Geoff Dawe
Mike Bragg (alternate)


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